General Contracting


The General Contractor is responsible for managing your entire job from beginning to end. As your GC, we will be the one to provide the estimate or bid, find the materials, hire subcontractors, lease vehicles (trucks, cranes, backhoes, etc.) and maintain all accounting and personnel records. We will also be the one taking the most liability for the project at hand. We work with schedules to avoid delays or issues with the project. We enter agreements only with subcontractors who are insured and experienced in their trade. In some cases as a general contractor, we may handle the majority of the work ourselves. When we engage subcontractors, we take ultimate responsibility for their timeliness and quality of all work. Our quality control team make sure all is well before signing off.

Required contract documents may include but not limited to drawings, permits, environmental reports, project manual (including general, supplementary and/or special conditions and specifications), addendum or modifications issued prior to proposal/ bidding and prepared by a design professional such as an architect.


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General Contracting

As a General Contractor, OUR RESPONSIBILITIES may include:

  • Providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the project under management
  • Effectively hiring specialized and properly licensed/insured subcontractors to perform various portions of the construction work
  • We may include applying for building permits,
  • Advise the project owner,
  • Physically secure the property,
  • Provide temporary utilities on site,
  • Manage personnel on site,
  • Provide site surveying and engineering,
  • Dispose or recycle all construction waste,
  • Monitor schedules and cash flows, and
  • Maintain accurate and complete project records.